Our currency is Film and the law we obey is Talent.

Passion is how we roll, Precision is how we work.

We tell stories and create cross platform content.

We develop and produce fiction, docs and branded content

with the best national and international emerging and established creative voices.

We are Marni Films, based in Athens, Greece



Theodora grew up watching her father, Nikos Nikolaidis, directing films and paving the way of Greek Independent film. An international upbringing across Europe, she went on to study Mass Media at Westminster University and got her Masters in Communication Studies at the University of Leeds. As her father’s assistant, Theodora has been involved from a very young age both in film production and TV advertising. She is particularly interested in documentaries, loves old and neo-noir, musicals and discovering new talent. A keen philanthropist, she believes that talent comes first and is instrumental in Marni Films’ slate to date and the company’s foray internationally.


Mina studied Media at London Guildhall, European Studies at Open University, and has an MA in Linguistics at Westminster University. She has worn many hats in the media sector as atranslator, a copywriter and in production positions for magazinesand TV shows. She found her calling, cinema, when she worked at the Mamma Mia! production in Greece. A seasoned manager in both short and feature films, she is an expert in budgeting and production organising;. Mina likes lists, kind reminders, mysteries, goth stories, creatures of the night and blood. Fake blood.


Iro has studied film production at the School of Film Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts AUTH. She loves movies and dark humour. Before working for Marni she produced two short films, namely Yawth and Sad Girl Weekend. She believes that her obsession with glitter makes production coordination easier. She wants to specialise in film production and is interested in emerging voices of cinema. Brave voices, unique stories and aesthetics are her thing.